Vatsalyam guest in balcony

Vatsalyam: Homestay for family bonding

The 3 year-old homestay is run by the Shardas who are natives of Shimla and know everything there is to know about the state. Mr. Sharda is a retired government officer and Mrs. Sharda is a retired teacher. Their son, Ashish lives nearby with his family and is active in handling the homestay. The entire family is extremely well-travelled and can even accompany guests on trips to Ladakh, Spiti etc. The Shardas believe in treating guests like visiting family members and look forward to cultural interaction through food, stories etc. For them, the homestays is not a profit-making business, rather a way to establish lasting bonds. A great place to bond with your family while making new friends. At this lovingly maintained home, people can look forward to a warm, welcoming environment free from formality or pretences. From the play area for kids to the terrace with splendid views of the Cedar forests around; there is something for guests of all ages at this 5-storey homestay.
The homestay offers the best of both worlds as it is close to city but set in the peaceful outskirts. From the homestay guests can go to The Mall, which is just minutes away or go on a village visit. Walks to explore the many fruit-bearing trees on the property or a 20-minute to a nearby temple can be undertaken by guests. Avoid the packed months of May and June. Sept - March is lovely. Snowfall isn't harsh, just enough to be stunning but not debilitating.

Try new things!

For a flavor of Shimla that goes beyond the typical tourist spots, try Vatsalyam, a Mahindra Holidays Homestay. Be prepared for a complete Himachali experience, right from the food to places to visit, all of which the Sharda family are well versed with. Amidst Cedar forests, this home stay ensure you have a quite stay devoid of the hustle bustle.